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PANWEN INC, is focused on Robotic Waterjet, Laser cutting, Flame Treatment, & Deburring Solutions– We Design, Build, and Service since 2011.

Our machines have been shipped to China, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, & India. We are keen to do business with the customers from all over the world.

Our constant commitment and willingness to incorporate every relevant innovation, with our engineering enables us to operate with aggressive prices.

With locations in the USA and China, integration is possible all over the world.

Quality & Innovation

PANWEN Robotic Waterjet Solutions —Integrate ABB & FANUC robots with Hypertherm pumps  with ALLFI cutting heads, for Automotive interior component trimming. 

 For more details on ALLFI OR Hypertherm please contact us.



PANWEN Robotic Flame Treatment Solutions –Integrate ABB & FANUC robots with FTS flaming systems for plastics prior to the painting process.

For more details on FTS, please contact us



PANWEN Robotic Deburring Solutions —integrate ABB & FANUC robots with Amtru deburring tools for Automotive and General industry applications

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Flame Treatment


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FANUC & ABB robots with comprehensive functions for Trimming Applications.

UHDE pumps (ThyssenKrupp) Are made from a  robust design to allow for 24 hrs non stop, continuous running.

ALLFI Precision cutting heads feature the fastest on/off relay times.

You will find all these combinations, plus PANWEN’s experienced know how will assure you a top notch 6 axis Waterjet Solution designed for your specific needs.

Customer Testimonial

After having the privilege to work with Panwen, I can honestly say the professionalism, quality, and attention to detail they exhibit is second to none. I would highly recommend anyone in need of water jet solutions to inquire about how Panwen can help accomplish their goals.

Jeff B.


At PANWEN we understand that machines need to be reliable, easy to use, and robust.

We keep our promises to make our customer happy.

Customers focus on their production, and we focus on the machine stability, and prompt response to all service calls.





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